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The road to LoCo: path of a perfectionist

Oh my! It’s finally here: my very first website and of course: my very first blog. A writer’s got to write, right? (woops, tongue twister!)

The Little Devil

Let’s cut the crap and dig deep right away: today I’m going to let you in on one of the most vulnerable and insecure journeys I’ve ever been on: the road to LoCo.

I had been writing lots before I started LoCo. But the perfectionist little devil on my shoulder always made sure I never showed anyone my work, my words, my soul. She talked me out of it. Whispered vile thoughts in my ear and convinced me that the world would give me the cold shoulder, no matter what. I was like a worried parent: too scared to let her kid ride a bicycle without training wheels.

Until I -by coincidence- started to help a friend out with her website. She needed a copy make-over for her site and I told her about my background in languages. One thing led to another and before I knew, she had awoken the entrepreneur in me. With the help of my partner, my family and some close friends, I started to work on my business plan. Little by little, the perfectionist devil kept her mouth shut more. But oh, don’t be fooled, she’s still there! And every single step I take on this entrepreneurial LoCo road she reminds me of that. When I’m doing an assignment, writing an Instagram post, creating this website and yes, also during this blog.

Fairy Godmother

Although I’m still amenable to her criticism, I try to not let it get under my skin and paralyze me anymore. I’d think of her as Cinderella’s fairy godmother who’s “slightly” overconcerned, rather than the cruel stepmother, determined to keep her locked away and in check.

For you, as fellow entrepreneur, this may sound awfully relatable. Well, not only for entrepreneurs, but for perfectionists in general. My wish for you is that you can all turn these devils into fairy godmothers.

Take the plunge!

If you’re reading this and you’re considering starting a business of your own, but are too scared to do so, my advice for you would be: just take the goddamn plunge. It might not all be glitter and glamour – hence the story above – but it will not be as daunting as your devil wants you to believe.

“What if it goes wrong?” you say...But oh dear, what if it goes right?

Lots of love,


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